Fake hitman

Scam and fraud. Fake killers

Of course, there are several fraudulent sites on the dark web, and you have to be careful.

We try to provide you with complete information so as not to be deceived by someone dishonest, and teach you how to reduce your chances of falling into a trap.

You need to know a few things to be smarter in this thread:

always pay attention to the interface of the site if it is very simple, with low quality and looks like a fake site with some grammatical errors in words, it also contains only 1-2 pages with a little bad or just funny information, do not use this. This is a scam. Serious organizations do not allow themselves to follow this path.

please note which payment method they use, if they just need half the payment in bitcoins in advance without escrow, keep in mind that this is a fraud, as they will never reply to you after sending the payment. Good for you, save the second half. Or maybe a hitman-for-hire site requires credit card payment, it’s also 100% fraud. Real organizations do not require payment until completion, and they use bitcoin-escrow or wallets, which allow to demonstrate the client’s money for the hired killer before they send him to work, and at the same time avoid cheating for the site’s client.

also pay attention that clear net hitmen sites are always fraud and can be easily closed at any time, their hostings can be tracked by ip-addresses, unlike dark network sites. You need to search for sites with the .onion domain only in order to hire someone real for your work.

reviews and reports about hitman sites on the internet are not always fair. This can be both true and false.

mirror sites and fake copies should also be excluded. You can also find sites on a dark network with good text, lots of pages, a good payment method and may look like real ones, but they can be a cheap scam because they were copied from the originals. We will try to place all fraudulent sites in this section so as not to confuse you.