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This murder was done by a hitman. It took place a while back and is still unsolved to this day, nobody knows the identity of the man who did it, all we know is it was a hitman sent from…, the man was investigating lots of people at the time, so it’s safe to believe that the person who put the hit up was being investigated or under suspicion of something.

The hitman followed the man in a stolen car until he parked at a car park late at night, there were no cameras or bystanders in the area so he walked up to him and took his chance to eliminate the target, still no one found the man.

Many people on the internet will tell you that hitmen are not real, they will tell you there is no way in modern society for a hitman organization to operate without being caught by authorities, this is not true, this article shows proof of a hitman, most arent caught as they can cover up tracks, we have stories on a dark web rookie hitman who also was caught, hitmen have been a thing for decades and still exist, the first known hitman was Wayne Silk Perry, if you search up for hitmen you will find loads, hitmen exist everywhere today, they roam in the mafia, american suburb gangs, street gangs, private government contract killers and the ones you know, the dark web killers.

Being a hitman through the dark web is the easiest as customers dont know you in person and you can stay anonymous, it’s simply the safest option, people who think hitmen aren’t real are stupid, if they weren’t real why would hitman movies, stories or games be a thing, everything originated from somewhere just as hitman games and movies, everything you see today originated from old hitmen with the mafia mostly.

Now most hitman work is done via the dark web, where everything is anonymous, this means you can’t be traced, everything is done through tor browser which is used to access the dark net, for extra safety you can use a VPN and a proxy, there are lots of free ones.

The word assassin first came from the French word "hashishin" which translates to "obedient", now the word assassin has been modernized into the word "hitman", a man who carries out hits, for those who don’t know a hit is a code word for murder.

The story of the hitman which we provided should lead to a news article online, of course the hitman was sloppy and ended up getting caught but hitmen who you hire will generally be experienced, the more you pay the more experienced the hitman will be, as they say you pay for what you get.

Most stories made by media online for murderers or hitmen which were caught are not showing very good hitmen but generally rookies who got caught on the first job due to lack of experience and just not knowing what they were doing, so don’t for a second think your hitman will be as bad as the ones which were caught.

Another story shows a hitman who was a kid and very new, didn't do the job himself but got a friend to do it instead, obviously he did get caught.

Most hitmen who sign up online have to first prove they are worthy by doing test jobs and providing evidence of owning guns, this way stupid kids and rookies get filtered out from real hitmen.

You can read more on our page about hitmen but for now goodbye and thank you for reading this article.


This is a youtube link which will take you to a video where you see a mafia hitman being interviewed by another man.

The hitman is anonymous and unknown but he speaks a lot about how he generally doesn’t think what he does is unethical, at some points he even leaves the other man speechless with not knowing what to say.

We recommend for you to watch this video as it tells you a lot about hitmen and why they do what they choose to do. For your information this is not a dark web hitman, this is a hitman who works with the Italian Mafia. These hitmen will usually charge large sums of money around $100,000 which is why dark web hitmen are used more nowadays as they are safer and cheaper. Prices for a dark web hitman are around $5000 which is extremely lower than what the Mafia charges.

The man tells the hitman that what he does is unethical, wrong and savage, he talks about how what he does is wrong and you should not take human lives as they are sacred and the most valuable things on Earth.

You could easily argue that not all lives shouldn’t be taken, as much as lives should be a thing which you treasure and try hard in. There are some people who don’t care much about themselves or others, who don’t try hard and only care about themselves. These are the vermin in society who people like hitmen only are brave enough to kill while there are people out there with the audacity to say what they do is unethical.

If what they do is so unethical why not point your fingers at the military, they will kill soldiers in other country, terrorists and any other vermin. Of course we can’t get rid of them as the military is also what keeps the order in line. Obviously no government would agree to this or can force any other government to doing so.

This so the same with hitmen just like soldiers they are ordered to kill for money. What we are trying to say is you can’t just point the blame into one group of people when it comes to the world as everyone is to blame. Hitmen simply do what they have to just like soldiers except they aren’t praised as much.

Hitmen will only kill people of 16+ as they do not believe that anyone under the age of this can commit something death worthy and that if they have they are either too young to die or it isn’t usually their fault as they were raised into that. Young kids aren’t to blame most of the time but it’s usually the parents or people around them, although this isn’t always the case.

You may think hitmen hate themselves and can’t sleep at night etc because of what they carry out. But just as the man said in the video, it’s just another job, just like everybody else they have to work and do jobs. It’s just usually they don’t have the means of getting a normal job so they have to go into the line of organized killing and secretly hold the title of “hitman” or “assassin”.

The Mafia hitman said he only killed other mobsters who also commit crimes and went against rules, they had what’s coming. This is the same with dark web hitmen as all hits are on people who commit crimes like rape or fraud. Ask yourself this, if someone wants you dead so badly that they go out of their way to hire a hitman on you, are you doing the right thing in life?

Please pay attention! This article doesn’t call for murders, these are just thoughts about hitmen, why they exist and do what they do.

One Of Hitman Websites Results In 3 Dead South West London, On 23rd of August. Woman was killed over cheating dispute with husband.

Around one week prior to this Lucy, 23, was meeting up with an old friend when they met 2 strangers, one well-known for selling drugs such as cocaine. And went on a night out with them.

Her partner, David, was at home thinking she is just out with a couple of friends. Later in the night Lucy was spiked with Rohypnol, her being unconscious was dragged into an apartment in South West London. She was kept hostage and raped several times over next few days.

The husband was feeling unsure and started dialing emergency numbers, with no support from the police David decided to take things into his own hands, he searched around area and using Snapchat maps found Lucy’s location, he proceeded to go to the apartment.

When he arrived he was greeted with punch to the temple and was knocked unconscious. Later David said "I was distraught," and browsed the dark web to hire "Hitmen"… Soon he found one website and ordered 3 "hits" with his last sum of money.

After 2 days 3 bodies were reported in the same apartment after several gunshots, David was caught shortly due to his conversation with the police previously; David Johnson was sentenced to 7 years in medium security prison for contract killing.

The murders were well thought out and done by highly trained professionals with Assault Rifle rounds found at the crime scene. This suggests they are well funded and most likely working for the Mafia, these ties are just conspiracies right now however and the authorities are looking deeply into this tragedy.

Hitman is yet to be found and we warn you not to go onto these websites. On further investigation on the site seems to be charging bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, as payment as it is highly untraceable. Since discovery of this website authorities were able to link many other homicides to this hitman service as it is one of the most frequently used. More and more cases of murders are being discovered to this day from there.

David’s and Lucy’s family are in shock and agony due to these events, David’s father said "I never thought David could set something like this up, ever."

Some details of this story have been deliberately changed.